Cinematically Kubular is a blog I’ve created to provide me with a space to write about my favourite subject – films. It’s been a while since I’ve actually written anything down or since I’ve really watched a lot of new material but over the last few months I’ve really rediscovered my love of cinema.

In terms of taste I prefer more expressive or impressionist cinema over the cold, analytical cinema of directors such as Hitchcock – though that isn’t to say I don’t still appreciate them. I just prefer films that I can engage with emotionally – in a more immediate sense than those I have to consciously analyse for the duration.

My favourite film? Probably still Kill Bill Vol 1, though I’m not as certain of that as I used to be. I also have an interest in James Bond – not only the film series themselves but the film series as adaptations of the literature.

I hope to use this blog to jot down my general thoughts on films, also to encourage me to get back into the academic approach to film studies and do some genuine research. Who knows? Maybe readers will recommend some great new films along the way!